This information includes items specific to each User and can be used to identify users uniquely. Examples include:


Data collected, and for what purpose:

The User may be asked to enter some information when using the website. The requested information will be used only when requested to enter that information or following this Privacy Policy.



When the User uses this app, their location is saved.

All information sent to the doctor by users in the counseling department is entirely confidential and will only remain between the User and the doctor or counselor, except in cases where a court order is intended to commit a crime.



Data collected, and for what purpose:

Our website and application may collect user images for various purposes, such as profile pictures or content submission. Please be aware that any images submitted to our platform may be stored on our servers for future use. However, we do not share these images with third parties; they are only used for internal purposes, such as improving our services and user experience. By submitting an image to our platform, you acknowledge and consent to our collection and storage of your image.



Data collected, and for what purpose:



The User should know that information and data may be collected automatically through “cookies.” “Cookies” are small text files that a website can use to identify redirecting users, monitor behavior, collect general information to promote the website, and determine the direction of advertising. Cookies do not attach to the User’s system and do not harm your files. If the User does not want the information collected through cookies, the cookie feature can be readily accepted or rejected in most browsers.



The User can use the feedback form on the website or software to notify of any updates, changes, or corrections to their previously collected information. In addition, upon user request, we will use our reasonable business efforts to remove user information from our databases; however, it may not be possible to completely delete user data due to support data or deleted records.

Delete app account

You can submit a request to delete your account and associated data for our website or app via

Manage app data

You can submit a request to delete specific data that we collected through our website or app without deleting your entire account. This data can include things like activity history, transaction history, images, and video via